Video 7 – April 2013, “Abu al Banat”, Dagestani leader of a rogue group of Caucasus fighters in Syria

April 2013, Northern Syria, “Abu al Banat”, a Dagestani national, Dargin ethnic, leader of a rogue group of foreign fighters from Caucasus, speaking on camera. He became notorious later, in July, when a pro-Assad propaganda site published a video of Abu al Banat and his men beheading two men as scores of onlookers, including children, cheered and recorded the event on their cell phones (the site falsely stated that one was a Christian priest, they were both Syrian regime collaborators). You can find the graphic video here:

“Abu al Banat” already left Syria. His group disbanded after its men declared each other “takfir”. They were disliked by the main group of Chechens fighters in Syria under the leadership of Emir Abu Omar al Shishani, the Jaysh al Muhajireen wa Ansar, and not allowed to stay with them. That’s why the Arabic title of this video, “Jaysh al Muhajireen wa Ansar”, is probably misleading. They were disliked by Syrian rebels as well, because they didn’t fight against Assad army. The location of the beheadings video is the village of Mashhad Ruhin, province of Idlib, less than 3 kilometers from the Turkish border, very far from the frontline.

After the beheadings, Emir al Banat was forced to leave Syria on the orders of Abu Omar Shishani, who considered al Banat’s actions provocative and harmful to the North Caucasian fighters cause (see here: )

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